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  • If you don’t want to use Bootcamp, you could try to use Parallels on your Mac, which enables you to run both operating systems simultaneously.

    I haven’t tried it for AutoCAD which I expect will be a lot of memory and processor intensive but for other programs it works wonderfully well.

    They have a 14 day free trial here: so I  suggest you test it with AutoCAD before you buy it.

    Good luck, I’d be interested to here how it goes!

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  • Asked on February 24, 2017 in AutoCAD.

    There’s another helpful thread on CAD jobs which you can find here:

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  • Asked on February 16, 2017 in Other.

    Hi Lolipop, have you seen I am not sure if that’s perfect for you but they 3D print and then let you resell your designs.

    There’s also Jewellery 3d Market and TurboSquid,

    On the DXF files side these are being sold on Etsy, for example and there are some DXF files sold on ebay too.

    Finally there is DXF shop, I am not sure how popular these places are.

    Are you looking to sell them to other Jewellery designers? There plenty of Jewellery CAD designers on LinkedIn so maybe you could also reach out to them too?

    Hope some of those might help

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  • Robert’s post above got me thinking…. Has anyone seen a VR CAD concept? I wonder if we’ll get VRCAD soon where we do our work in ‘infinite space’ and then can walk around our renders!

    How incredible would that be. Has anyone seen this yet?

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  • Asked on January 30, 2017 in AutoCAD.

    Why isn’t this in AutoCAD? Nintendo had nesting in 1984!

    Tetris Nesting Animation


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  • Hey everyone!

    Great news AutoCAD 2017 supports 4k monitors, here’s an extract from the specs for the latest release:

    For AutoCAD 2017.1 Update:

    Conventional Displays:
    1360×768 (1920×1080 recommended) with True Color

    High Resolution & 4K Displays:
    Resolutions up to 3840×2160 supported on Windows 10, 64 bit systems (with capable display card)

    The key thing I think is with capable display card so we’re going to need to have a good graphics card to handle the larger screen. I guess it makes sense. Better upgrade!

    AutoCAD 4k scaling problem

    Here’s the link to confirm:

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  • Asked on January 11, 2017 in Other.

    I’ll start off, here’s a few I’ve listened too…

    My current favorite, PodCading, a great training podcast.

    Engineering Entrepreneur Podcast, run by

    CADCast (this is about 10 years old now but has a some tips that are still relevant today)

    Any one care to share some others?

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  • Asked on January 11, 2017 in AutoCAD.

    AutoCAD as a stock being portable is not really a good idea as the current available versions are unstable and crashes all the time, IF you decide you would like a portable version please make sure to save continuously

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  • Asked on December 27, 2016 in AutoCAD.

    If by portable you mean for mobile devices you can always have A360 on the go on your Android or IOS :

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  • Asked on April 15, 2016 in AutoCAD.

    Hi there Conor 🙂

     You can set up a template to follow your company standards by specifying attributes for line-types, dimensions, text and other settings. for example this design shows 2 different styles for dimension.

    RE: How can I create an AutoCad Template?

    All these settings can be saved in a drawing template file. Click New to choose a specific drawing template file:

    RE: How can I create an AutoCad Template?

    • For imperial drawings that assume your units are inches, use acad.dwt or acadlt.dwt.
    • For metric units that assume your units are millimeters, use acadiso.dwt or acadltiso.dwt.

    RE: How can I create an AutoCad Template?

    The “Tutorial” template files in the list are simple examples for the architectural or mechanical design disciplines with both imperial (i) and metric (m) versions. You might want to experiment with them.

    Most companies use drawing template files that follow company standards. They will often use different drawing template files depending on the project or the client.

    Create Your Own Drawing Template File

    You can save any drawing (.dwg) file as a drawing template (.dwt) file. You can also open any existing drawing template file, modify it, and then save it again, with a different filename if needed.[/IMG][/URL]

    RE: How can I create an AutoCad Template?

    If you work independently, you can develop your drawing template files to suit your working preferences, adding settings for additional features as you become familiar with them.

    To modify an existing drawing template file, click Open, specify Drawing Template (*.dwt) in the Select File dialog box, and choose the template file.

    RE: How can I create an AutoCad Template?

    Important: If your company has already established a set of drawing template files, check with your CAD manager before modifying any of them.
    Hope that helps.
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