Where is a good place to find CAD jobs online?


Hey everyone!

I’m leaving college soon and want to try to find a job in as a CAD operator either here in the USA or in Europe somewhere. I’m open to idea.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend any sites that are good for finding CAD roles?


Asked on February 21, 2017 in Other.
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Hi there KingCAD,

We have had a similar question before in this post Best places to find AutoCAD freelance work.

There are actually multiple choices and many opportunities out there regarding CAD work.

The first thing you want to do is to decide on which CAD category is your thing, for example:

  1. Architecture CAD
  2. Mechanical Design CAD
  3. Drafting
  4. 3D Modeling
  5. Sculpting
  6. Product Design
  7. HVAC-FireFighting-Plumbing CAD

According to your choice you’d need a completely different CAD Tool to help you complete your task.

  • for example for HVAC-FireFighting-Plumbing the recommended tool would be AutoDesk Revit
  • for Mechanical Design we would recommend something such as : AutoDesk Inventor or the infamous SolidWorks
  • for Drafting You can never go without AutoDesk AutoCAD
  • for Sculpting/Product Design you can use Zbrush or the easier tool would be AutoDesk MudBox (Used by Car OEM)

After deciding on which category you do want to work in you’d need to master the tool you are working with; for this we recommend online MOOCs sites; Try www.Lynda.com and www.coursera.com.

www.Youtube.com (You’d be amazed of how much of a premium material you can find on YouTube.

and the list goes on…

Finally you can go ahead and start bidding on free lancing sites such as:

  1. Upwork for AutoCAD jobs
  2. Freelancer AutoCAD jobs
  3. Indeed AutoCAD jobs
  4. Elance

P.S: A dirty little trick: I can not stress this enough; Make your own website offering your services online and mention the site whenever you are bidding online, it makes you look legit and professional.

Of course you’d have to be professional and master your work before trying to look like one.

Best of luck 🙂

Answered on February 21, 2017.
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You can search autocad jobs here:

  1. Upwork for AutoCAD jobs
  2. Freelancer AutoCAD jobs
  3. Indeed AutoCAD jobs
  4. Elance                                                       you can read autocad blogs here: http://crbtech.in/CAD-CAM-Training/
Answered on August 16, 2017.
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Best way to find jobs is by word of mouth so id talk to any contact you have persoanly and i would go check out any and all professional forums. cadtutor.net, Augi.org, forums.autodesk.com etc etc

Running the gauntlet of online applications is TOUGH. So id get on the forums and find their “classifieds” section and dig around for anything.

If you end up plowing into the online application thing check out Rickgillis.com. I did a short article on him a while back. I attended his class after i had a job but the info was excellent he give you a strategy to get through the wall of application filters which you will definitely encounter.

Answered on February 23, 2017.
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