GTX 940MX with 4GB SDR5 and autocad 2018


System Laptop (new Dell Ispiron 7570) consist of :GTX 940MX 4GB SDD5, combined with i7 7700, 512 PCLe and 8 or 16 RAM.

Will the autocad be running smoothly?

Thank you.

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Hey John,

Yes that graphics card should be fine for AutoCAD.

The rest of the spec is great. I just don’t have experience with that graphics card but I know it’s powerful.

You asked whether it would run ‘smoothly’ with your setup, just bear in mind that it will depend on the complexity of your drawings. You can quite easily slow-down any system with suitable drawing complexity.

I’d love to know how you get on!

Answered on October 9, 2017.

Thank you for your time. The point is that I have already bought the Dell 7570 with 16RAM but I have to return it back by Sunday-Monday. I consider the XPS 15 with GTX 1050, or the Inspiron with GTX 1060. But are £600 more expensive than the laptop I bought. And it is for my 15 years-old daughter. What do you think? If you have time. Thank you.

on October 9, 2017.

Buy the best you can afford and no better!

You will certainly get better performance with the GTX 1060 but that’s why they are more expensive. There is always going to be a better and more expensive option. So you will just need to weigh up what’s best for you.


If you’re still not sure, you may be able to purchase from a retailer that has a 30 day return policy. So you can put the laptop through some AutoCAD tests and see how you get on.

on October 9, 2017.

Yes, you are right Lulek. Thank you.

Now there is the newer 1060 for £300-£500 more and by Christmass, will probably arrive the new Volta GPU for much more money.

And these things will go on and on. Thank you.

on October 9, 2017.
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