What’s the difference among Autocad, Solidworks and Gstarcad


I’m new to learn 3D design, and don’t know which software is better. One of my friend is using Gstarcad and said it much lower cost. I wanna know what’s the difference.

Asked on October 18, 2017 in No Category.
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First off let’s clear the misconception that AutoCAD is the same as Solidworks

Solidworks is used to model solid part files for mechanical design purposesĀ  it understands solids & materials it understands that it can break and that these parts need to be assembled together, etc…

AutoCAD is a general drawing & Drafting Tool whatever what things are you trying to draw or draft, it can be used in anything from Mechanical Drawing to Plumbing Pipes Drawing to HVAC and Fire Fighting to even bridges or structures; because it basically understand lines and circles when it comes to drafting AutoCAD is the king of Drafting

Gstarcad is much like AutoCAD, it just has a different interface with different functionality

However if you want to go for what’s available and cheap why not go for Free & Open source software?

Here’s a list of what’s out there:


Trimble SketchUp



Answered on October 24, 2017.
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  • Best for Drafting
  • Easy to use 2D, 3D is tough for advance drawings.
  • Basic CAD tool
  • Has precision upto 10 decimal places
  • More Theoretical oriented.


  • Best for 2D and Basic 3D
  • Easy to work in 3D rather than 2D
  • High end CAD tool
  • More Practical oriented.
Answered on January 31, 2018.
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