What’s the best way to Learn new AutoCAD releases? Haven’t used it since 2007


I’m posting this question on behalf of a commenter from the Scan2CAD blog.


“The last AutoCAD program I worked on was AutoCAD 2007. What type of refresher class do you suggest I take to get up to speed with the newer AutoCAD programs.”

Asked on September 25, 2017 in AutoCAD.
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First you’d need to know what’s up, like what’s new and what has been changed since 2007:
Here’s a list of all the things I could find that has been added since 2007:

3D modeling – helix, loft, polysolid, pyramid, sweep
3D editing – presspull, imprint, sectionplance, flatshot
3D viewing- 3dforbit, 3dmove, 3drotate, chspace
xref palette
DUCS added to status bar
fields – added autolisp variables
slice with surface object

Annotation property
Multiline Leaders – MLeaderStyle, MLeaderAlign, MLeaderCollect, MLeaderEdit, AiMLeaderEditAdd
Layer Dimming and Layout Overrides
Dimensions – DimBreak, DimInspect, DimJogLine, DimSpace
DimArc extension line, DimAng Quadrant option
Dynamic blocks – displays tooltips with the purpose of grips
CopyMode system variable
new LayLockFadeCtl system variable
LayIso command can lock and fade instead of freezing
Mtext – annotative scaling, column wrapping, and spacing between paragraphs.
Xclip adds invert option

Layers dialog into a palette (ClassicLayer command added)
Quick Properties
Quick Views
Ribbon (dashboard removed)
Big Red A application menu, QAT quick access toolbar
rollover tips
extended tooltips
spell check – real time checking

2D parametrics – Geometric and Dimensional Constraints
Super commands – Attach, Adjust, Clip, MeasureGeom, Ulayers, TextEdit
segment editing – hold down Ctrl during scale, rotate, move
Parameters Manager
mtext grips added triangle grips for editing

Grid – lines in 2D
Ribbon updates, added 3D Basic WS
Grip added to polyline
Selection cycling enhancement – SC toggle at bottom of screen
Multifunctional grips
SelectSimilar command added, HideObjects, Unhide,
AddSelected command added
HideObjects command added
IsolateObjects, UnisolateObjects
3D object snaps

Autocomplete command
VpControl viewport controls – navigation, views and visual styles on screen
Ribbon sizing – three minimized settings
mtext background remembers last used fill color and offset
grip with lengthen option
grips are multi-functional for more objects – arcs, assoc arrays, dims, elliptical arcs, lines, mleaders, 3d faces edges vertices
Associative Arrays, grips editing
Blend – connects two objects using a spline
Extend works with Splines, Fillet works with Splines
Support for multiple paths for PMP, PC3, CTB, STB files
Snap can be set to work only while in a command, SnapMode sysvar
Drawing Views – 2D drawing views from 3D model and 1st or 3rd angle projection Base View
3D editing – ChamferEdge and FilletEdge added Loop option
3D editing – OffsetEdge
MeshCap has options added
Point Clouds enhanced

drawing views additions, create details and sections
Properties – shows realtime previews for colors, lineweights, lintypes, transparency, layers
Array – displays contextual tab, uses default values to show instant previews
Offset has preview before picking
Polylines – reversed plines with varying widths handled with new sysvar PlineReverseWidths

command line – spell checking, synonyms, block names, layer names, hatch name, visual styles, dim style
autocorrect – after three misspellings the word is added
autocorrect – after three misspellings the word is added
type at command line to change layer, text style, dim style, visual style
type at command line with hatch name to start hatch command
type at the command line with a block name and the insert command will start
mid string search at command line
Drawing Tabs – tabs displayed for each drawing
Chamfer command closes polylines
Filleting polylines will close polylines
Layers – merge selected layers in layer manager (LAYERDLGMODE must equal 1)
Xref layer names are not shown in the properties palette
Xrefs can be selected in quantities and the path or xref type changed in-mass

AutoCAD Official What’s new file : https://www.cadmasters.com/pdf/AutoCAD%202015%20What’s%20New%20Guide%20.pdf


Start surfing each of these functions, search for youtube videos discussing their usage
not all functions might be of benefit to you, so choose the functions you search for wisely

I do not recommend that you start another course just to get accustomed to the new features
and Good luck 🙂

Answered on September 25, 2017.
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Basic tutorial is in help in AutoCad. Both ways – Autocad and Inventor are totaly different. In Autocad we talk about 2D drawing – substitution of draw board, but with Inventor we discuss about 3D modeling from complete parts ( shafts, bearings, etc…) 3D in Autocad is according my oppinion little bit user unfriendly. My reccomendation is, to start with Autocad with simple drawings. Take paper drawing and try to draw it in Autocad. It was my way.

Answered on November 8, 2017.
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