What are the best AutoCAD learning resources?

Sorry if this question has already been asked, where’s the best learning resources for AutoCAD these days?

I’m currently jumping between different YouTube channels. I definitely prefer learning visually rather than books.

Asked on February 14, 2017 in AutoCAD.
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Hi cadcamdam,

Yes, you’re right there’s been a number of Cad Answers members ask about learning resources and plenty of fantanstic contributions too!

Here’s a couple of threads with AutoCAD learning resources and courses:

  1. Can anyone recommend any good online courses for learning CAD?
  2. What are the best learning resources to learn AutoCAD quickly?


Answered on February 21, 2017.
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The best CAD learning resource I have found are downloaded versions of the Lynda AutoCAD series but also the Autodesk Knowledge Network which has some AutoCAD video tutorials.

Answered on February 14, 2017.

I can personally attest to the Lynda video tutorials! Very involved, I personally learned Revit from those back in 2015 and the tutorials plus the sample files they gave us to work with were incredibly helpful.

on July 2, 2020.
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