How to Learn Google SketchUp 2017 in under 2 weeks?

I am an architecture student and we are just starting our summer semester and I just heard we will  be using Google SketchUp extensively, we are having a project mid summer exactly in 4 weeks and I do not think we will be able to catch on to the skills required to do well in that project, so I decided that I might start now and get a kick start.


What is the fastest way to learn Google SketchUp in under 2 weeks??



Asked on June 28, 2017 in SketchUp.
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First you have to understand that Sketchup is actually a 3D sketching product, not  a real CAD Program.

Yes it’s very powerful, easy to use, loved by everyone, but it’s smirky, it does mistakes, its drawings are not perfect and can be called just a sketch and NOT a REAL 3D Model.


Sketch up is used by woodworkers around the world, and has actually a great furniture and do it yourself projects in its library downloadable for free (from inside the Wherehouse button)


It’s also used by Architects, kids, 3D Printing Service Centers and even DIY enthusiasts.


It’s a program for all of you guys who do not want to buy those expensive CAD Products

and still be able to design for free, some other great programs in the market are :Blender,etc…


My Advice to you is to start downloading models and figure out how they are assembled together that could get you started on how to design similar objects.


of course first you’d need to figure out the main SketchUP commands but that won’t take long.


Answered on June 30, 2017.
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Most folks find our video tutorials the best jumpstart for learning SketchUp  (…), but I think the best possible thing to do is to start with some project that matters to you.

There’s no better motivation for learning a new tool than having a problem you want to solve with it. With a goal in mind (“I want to model my dining room table!”) you have real context for learning the tool.

Aidan Chopra’s “SketchUp for Dummies” book is also good, as well as being a rollicking good read.

Answered on February 14, 2018.
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Hi there Nadrius,


Google Sketchup is the simplest in the CAD industry you barely need any instructions however you might need a kick start; – Google Sketchup’s  video tutorials will get you started in less than 4 hours


but the real power of google sketchup is its plugins :



after that it’s all practice, but I assure you, you it will not be hard at all 😉

Answered on June 30, 2017.
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