rectangular insulation not coming in dashed like on round how do i fix?

when i put in my duct work my insulation is dashed on round but not on rectangular

so when i go to print it is not coming in as it should how can i fix this?

Asked on December 5, 2019 in AutoCAD.
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You can try these 2 solutions:

  1. Type in LTS to edit the linetype scale and set it to a different value. Going for a low value might fix it but try going for a higher one as well to cover your bases.
  2. Check that the insulation line’s properties aren’t set to ByLayer or ByBlock. If they are, the linetype settings of the Layer/Block that the insulation line is part of might be overriding the linetype that you see on screen.
Answered on February 10, 2020.
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