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I have various text styles that I have used for years that contain a main font but I have also set up a template using the font style but changed the font for various titles etc. So say the text style is Arial, I have placed the text in my title block and changed just that one title to a different font. I hope this makes sense so far?

I have done this for a long time and each time ‘Ive formatted or reinstalled- there has never been a problem.
Now, the problem has come when I formatted my pc again and loaded Autocad, the styles are fine for the most part- except the ones that have different fonts allocated to them. these ones have just had alternate fonts applied to them.

So far I have added links to the windows fonts folder and made sure the correct fonts are installed. Didn’t display properly after restarting. I copied and pasted all the fonts to the CAD fonts folder which also didn’t work. I even changed the alternate font to the one I wanted but that hasn’t worked either!

Other styles that I have are using the correct font and size but for some reason the font extends outside the original area they used to be in!

What can I do? It would take hours to select all the different labels and titles on my template to correct them individually.


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Hey Steve,

AutoCAD should always find your installed system fonts.

I expect the problem is that the currently install d system fonts do not exactly match the font name previously used. e.g. Ariel vs. Ariel-condensed if the name differs by a character it would not automatically be found.

If you’re running Windows 10, I’ve read of users having problems with fonts. It may be due to a lack of full access priviliges. (Source)

You mentioned:

“Other styles that I have are using the correct font and size but for some reason the font extends outside the original area they used to be in!”

Is it possible you’re using a slightly different font? I’m asking because every font has different sizes even if their pt size is the same. For example the text string ‘hello’ in Arial 10pt  may have a different length to the same string in Helvetica 10pt. Therefore I wouldn’t spend much time looking at the reasons for the size differences.




Answered on January 15, 2018.
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Hi Lukek and thanks for your response.

I wondered if it might be a W10 thing and not Cad- I will look into that.

Ive just checked all the fonts and their names again. all exactly the same. Nothing has changed. I had all the fonts saved

to a backup file on my harddrive for the format so I didnt have to go hunting for them all over again.

Thanks for the thoughts, though and I will definitly look into the W10 privileges.


Answered on February 24, 2018.
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