Is it possible to make a 3D drawing of a plant and then add 2D graphs that pop up upon clicking on certain locations?


I would like to display some data for a presentation. However people are having trouble visualizing the exact location the data is describing in the plant.

Asked on April 9, 2017 in AutoCAD.
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I think have done this before,

I like to use Microsoft PowerPoint just because it’s easy and gets the job done

First things first, you need to enable developer options in power point:

Office button>PowerPoint Options>Popular, and check the Show Developer Tab.

Then :

  1. Office button>PowerPoint Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings button>ActiveX Settings, and choose the third option, Prompt Me before Enabling All Controls with Minimal Restrictions.
  2. In PowerPoint 2003, right-click any toolbar and choose Control Toolbox to display that toolbar. Then click the More Controls button. In PowerPoint 2007, choose Developer tab>Controls group>More Controls.
  3. From the list that appears, choose Autodesk DWF Viewer Control. (In PowerPoint 2007 only, click OK.) Drag diagonally on the slide to specify a bounding box for the AutoCAD drawing.

And voila there’s your drawing


Let me know if you get stuck in any of the steps I know I am not very good when it comes to steps 😀

Answered on April 16, 2017.
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Hi there reltayeb

Using AutoCAD alone you can not actually make a presentation with the requirement mentioned above, however there are a few presentation software out  there that could help you do what you need;

For example you could do a power-point presentation and design the graphs you would like using the built in graphing functions then import your DWF file into Power Point

Here’s how to import a DWF

1)  First you need to create a DWF out of the drawing file(s) you wish to load into Powerpoint.  If you aren’t on a fairly recent release of AutoCAD, or want to create a DWF out of a non-Autodesk product you can download the free DWF Writer from

2)  Download the free dwf viewer (don’t you just love free?) from

3)  On the slide you wish to insert the drawing file(s), select Object from the Insert pull-down menu.  Select Autodesk DWF Viewer Control from the dialog box.  A DWF object icon will appear in the middle of the slide.Pptdwf1

4)  Now you need to tell Powerpoint which DWF file you want to view.  Right click on the icon, and select DWF Viewer Control, Properties from the shortcut menu.  Use the browse button to select the desired DWF.


Note:  You will not see your drawing unless the powerpoint is in Slide Show mode.

You’ll find that you can zoom, pan, and cycle through the different pages of the DWF file all within your powerpoint presentation !

Answered on April 9, 2017.
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Hello there reltayb and welcome to CAD Answers,


I have found this video it shows exactly how to insert a drawing into a powerpoint presentation:

You basically have 3 methods:

1)Print Screen – Snipping Tool

2) Print to JPEG (Which is basically the same such as the above)

3)Insert method


Let us know what’s your favorite presentation application, I am sure there’s a way to insert a drawing into it directly, Good luck 🙂

Answered on April 16, 2017.
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