I want to see oriented line while zooming

Hi every one.

I have a question. I searched a lot but couldn’t find the answer.

I use Auto cad 2018.

In my computer, while I zoom in, the lines that are not vertical or horizontal get some fraction in them; so I can find oriented lines easily.

It is important for me that every vertical or horizontal lines be completely straight. So by zooming in (by scrolling the mouse), i can easily find the lines which are even 0.001 mm oriented. As I said, this is found by the fraction that appear in line while zooming in.

Now the question is:

I have another computer with exactly the same graphic and CPU and the same auto cad version. But zooming in, does not show the fraction in lines (if the line is a little oriented).

I am curious to know what the problem is and why this fractions do not appear in the second computer?

Picture bellow shows the fraction in line that I mean.

I want to see oriented line while zooming

Thank you.

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