How can you import a file from Adobe Illustrator to AutoCAD?

I have been having a very hard time importing a drawing I have made in illustrator.

How can I import the file to my drawing? Does anyone have any tips?


Asked on December 18, 2016 in AutoCAD.
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From Adobe illustrator you can
1) Export as .dxf (which is readable by autocad)
2) Select Location to save the file.

3) Run AutoCAD

4) Open the .dxf file saved earlier


some problems may arise when importing such file, you just have to choose an appropriate resolution.

Answered on December 25, 2016.
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I have been following several methods, by far the most convenient and efficient way uptill now is

Scan2CAD :

It’s an application that you throw at it any picture and it converts it automatically into a CAD file,


I have been using it to convert files from Adobe illustrator ‘s  PNG or SVG to .dxf files readable by AutoCAD

Answered on December 25, 2016.
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Hello all

I need to do the reverse of the process, I have a .dwg drawing that I need to read into Adobe illustrator cs5; it keeps getting file read error, file inaccessible when I try to open it in illustrator.

Answered on December 25, 2016.
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Hi there TheCADMan I have used your method and its come up with quite some fabulous resaults, haven’t had the time  to try the other method… hope this helps others!



Answered on December 28, 2016.
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