How to automate deleting specific lines on multiple drawings?


We are currently working at Orascom Construction in a big project we literally have 1250+ Drawings for different buildings and support structures, I kind of made a bloody simple mistake when we were creating the first files, Now I need to delete a specific line in all of the drawings what do I do?


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The OVERKILL command;

This command deletes duplicate objects and goes further to combine overlapping lines and arcs.

1)Select objects: and you can type all and press Enter to apply the command to the entire drawing. Then press Enter again to end object selection.

The Overkill window looks like this:

AutoCAD Express Tools Overkill

Answered on May 22, 2017.
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You might need a script, to delete the object using it’s x,y,z coordinates;


it might look like this :

open dwg1 erase x,y,z close Y
open dwg2 erase x,y,z close Y

You can use the ID command to identify the current object’s x,y,z before compiling your script


Hope this helps

Answered on May 22, 2017.
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