How Can I use Sketchup to “Interrior Design” My House?

I have just got a new House and this is how it looks:

How Can I use Sketchup to


Now, what I would like to do is that I would like to draw this on Sketchup, I have heard that it’s very easy to do that on Sketchup I need to decide on where I will put the furniture even though the drawing in the picture shows where stuff will be, but I’d like to explore more possibilities,  I just need to know where to start, any ideas?

Asked on July 13, 2017 in SketchUp.
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This is a great example of how you’d do that, also sketchup has a great feature:

“The warehouse”  where you can download already designed models of components to build your house, go ahead try it out :


and what’s amazing is that it’s also accessible from within the program itself so that you can download objects directly inside your model.


Also when you are done looking through those amazing models>>>>

Check this video out of how you can put stuff around your “Virtual house” good luck.

and congratulations 🙂

Answered on July 28, 2017.
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SketchUp is a great tool for quickly visualizing an interior design project. Ed Cotey shows you how to develop a floor plan quickly, using an imported AutoCAD file and a number of SketchUp tools to build the walls, insert doors and windows, create and use materials, and apply special effects such as styles and shadows. Plus, learn to set up scenes for use in client presentations.

Topics include:

  • Drawing 2D floor plans in SketchUp
  • Selecting the right template and tools
  • Creating components
  • Cleaning up walls and creating door and window openings
  • Using x-ray views when adding doors and windows
  • Using layers to manage your views effectively
  • Capturing materials to use in your design
  • Applying materials to components
  • Exporting your drawing as an image
Answered on February 1, 2018.
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You can absolutely use SketchUp to do some interior design. I personally know several licensed interior designers who use SketchUp as their go-to modelling program.

SketchUp’s website has its own handy guide to starting with the program –

Answered on September 9, 2020.
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