How can I save a part to open with an older version of AutoDesk Inventor 2017?

I need to save a part with an older format to run on another computer

I have Autodesk Inventor 2017

The other computer has Autodesk Inventor 2016


I tried pack and go and it did not work any ideas?



Asked on April 24, 2017 in Inventor.
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AutoCADs Drawing format DWG has changed many times over the years. The most current changes have taken place every three releases. So with this in mind here is a small chart that shows some of these

Versions that have the same DWG format
– 2014,2013 = 2013 version
– 2012,2011,2010 = 2010 Version
– 2009,2008,2007 = 2007 Version

When these are referred to they are known by the first version number. So the 2014 and 2013 Version would be known as the 2013 version of the DWG. We can set AutoCAD so it always saves in an earlier version.

How to set AutoCAD save version
1.) Right click on the command line and select Options (or Launch Options as desired)
2.) Go to the Open and Save tab
3.) In the top left you will see a drop down under the Saveas Section This is the version it is currently saving as.
4.) select the version you want AutoCAD to save to and select OK
Now your AutoCAD is set to save to the version you selected in the Options Dialog Box

– Objects that were created in newer versions and were not available in the version you are saving to will be lost in most cases
– Vertical programs such as Civil 3D , Architecture, etc have their own custom Objects and in most cases are not backwards compatable and the

vertical Options will be disabled ( You will not be able to use the commands for that program in the earlier version)


Answered on August 14, 2017.
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Hi there Margret,

Unfortunately there is no direct way to save in the older format

but there is a work around, first you need to save as a .stp file or .obj file

Then re-import them in the older version


you can not do this to assemblies though, you can only do this to parts

then redo the assembly there,

Hope this helped

Answered on April 29, 2017.
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