How can I fix “Unhandled Access Violation at 784a87aeh” message?

HELP I have a Unhanded Access Violation at 784a87aeh

Asked on October 18, 2016 in AutoCAD.
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Hi JamieT,


This sounds like what I consider the classic fatal error window.

Sadly, my experience with Unhanded Access Violations is –

1)shut down

2)reboot the machine

3)restart CAD

4)use recover to open the original drawing.

IF it happens a lot, try working in another drawing for a while. The reason is to see if it is the drawing is what is triggering the issue.

If it is the drawing, either wblock or copy/paste the items in the drawing out to another drawing and get rid of the original, because it is corrupted. The reason to transfer the items and not just import the drawing itself as a block into the new drawing is because the latter may bring the issues with it. Also, importing blocks does not import any layout work. Each layout will need to be brought in separately.

So, more specifically, what you could do is: Create the new drawing. Go to model space, select all, ctr-c. Go to the new drawing, go to model space, right click, select clipboard, select paste to original. … Then do this for each of the layouts.

Also an Audit and Purge might be helpful.



If this doesn’t help then unfortunately a clean install might be required

1)Completely Uninstall AutoCad

2)Reinstall AutoCad using a valid Serial Number


I hope this helps


CadAnswers Expert


Answered on October 18, 2016.
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