Convert PDF to DGN?


I need to convert TIF files into PDFs, then convert the PDF’s into DGN files. What software would be best to convert PDF’s to CAD files?

Asked on March 16, 2020 in Other.
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OK good, so firstly you can convert TIF directly to the file you need. If there’s no reason that you need to create a PDF.


Secondly, Microstation supports DXF and DWG afaik. Therefore you can simply use a conversion app like Scan2CAD.

Answered on March 18, 2020.
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Two questions:


  1. Why not convert TIF directly to DGN?
  2. Why are you converting to DGN and not DXF/DWG?
Answered on March 16, 2020.

Blowe, also note that Scan2CAD can handle PDF to DWG conversion as well, in case you already have PDF files you want to convert.

on March 18, 2020.
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I would like to convert directly to dgn. My company uses Microstation files exclusively.

Answered on March 18, 2020.
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