Can an i5 processor run AutoCad 2016?

I’m about to start an AutoCad course and was advised that my MacBook Air wasn’t man for the job.

I’ve now sold it and am looking at getting a gaming laptop in the hope that I can use it for gaming as well as AutoCad in the hope that it should have the necessary grunt. Any advice would be much appreciated.

The type of model I am look was like on of these Dell i5 processor laptop options, but should I know go for an i7 processor? The Intel information on them ( says the have:

  • 8 MB Cache
  • 4 Cores
  • 8 Threads

So surely more processor power for the CAD software. Does the operating system (Mac vs PC) really make much difference?

Asked on November 18, 2016 in AutoCAD.
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Hi there CadMan,

Yes a gaming laptop has enough juice to run AutoCAD, it has enough processing power, RAM and an independent graphics card.

For full list of requirements check out this post on Cad Answers

Hope this answers your question for today 🙂

Answered on November 18, 2016.
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AutoCAD isn’t too heavy of a program compared to other render-heavy CAD software, so a good-quality i5 would work just as well as any i7’s and would be more affordable as well. But if you’re taking a CAD course, I suspect you’ll find yourself looking into and trying other CAD programs in the near future, possibly those with higher spec requirements, so it might be worth it investing in higher-end machines.

Answered on June 2, 2020.
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