AutoCAD Plant 3d: Nozzle is not appearing


I am creating 3D model in AutoCAD Plant 3D and I created RCC Tank (See Attached RCC Tank-1). But when I put Nozzle it is not appearing. It is looks like small dot and Only Nozzle Editor Symbol I can See there in Model.

AutoCAD Plant 3d: Nozzle is not appearingThis model of RCC tank which I Created .

AutoCAD Plant 3d: Nozzle is not appearingThere is 8" Nozzle but it is Not Appearing.

AutoCAD Plant 3d: Nozzle is not appearingActuallly I want to look like this.

. I want to what is looks in this attached snap. (Snap Actual Nozzle)

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I mostly work with Revit when it comes to 3D models, but as far as I know, AutoCAD 3D objects will appear on model and on plan differently based on how the object is modeled as a component or block. I.e. When editing the component independently, the way you make it look on plan view and the way you make it look on elevation view are two different things entirely and will show on your main model accordingly.

What I can suggest is trying editing the nozzle as an independent object and re-creating how you want it to look while on the view plane that you want to work with on the actual model.

I hope this makes sense!

Answered on May 21, 2020.
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