AutoCAD crashes when listening to Radio online

My AutoCAD2009 LT in the office keeps crashing when I listen to Radio 1 through the computer here at the office. How can I stop AutoCAD crashing?
I listen to the radio like this so I can use headphones and not disturb other office users (I find I work better to music)

However, when i do this and go into layout tabes, after just a min or two of working and setting up layouts my AutoCAD crashes with:
“Unhandled exception has occured, in a component in your application. If you click Continue, the application will ignore this erro and attempt to continue.

Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.”

I have the options of “Details” or “Continue”

Pressing continue merely makes the message reappear straight away.
Details read:
“Application does not support just-in-time (JIT)
debugging. See the end of this message for details.”
(Followed by a lot of other jargon I dont understand and wont fill this topic up with)

And as I’ve written this topic, it’s just crashed in the background too!
Is it something to do with Internet Explorer? Or one of it’s add-ons?

Thanks folks

Asked on January 11, 2017 in AutoCAD.

Could it be AutoCAD is alergic to Nick Grimshaw 😉 seriously though… what browser are you using to listen to the radio? Does it only happen with the BBC site, or with Radio 1 🙂

Are you on a Mac or a PC super user?

on January 11, 2017.
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AutoCAD is a bit of MEMORY JUNKIE, maybe that’s the problem try to close other background programs maybe?


I had a similar problem when opening multiple memory junkies, i.e :Chrome

Answered on January 11, 2017.
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Wait, solved it! It’s not the IE crashing it, it’s the layers tab I have docked open! Close that and the problem stops!
Woo i can put the radio back on!

Answered on January 11, 2017.

Nice find Super User! Can’t be without those tunes!

on January 12, 2017.
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