Anyone using StarFire CNC Plasma? I need some assistance

I have a CNC Plasma that has this Starfire operating system and it came with a CD and a Flash Drive stating StarCAM V4.4.

I am a bit dull in using Starcam so I started using Aspire to create and design files. The machine is working on the file however it keeps on missing some components during the work. So what I do at the moment is to pause the machine and bring it back to the missing point to start the torch/cutting again.

Can someone please assist me through this? I want to know if it is a compatibility issue of the file that has been made via Aspire and is being run on Starfire.




Asked on August 11, 2021 in CNC.
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Out of curiosity, have you already tried contacting the customer support for Starcam or Aspire? What did they have to say about the issue?

Answered on August 18, 2021.
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