Is there an Alternative to AutoCAD in the industry?

We are  a startup so obviously we can not afford AutoCAD for now, so my question to the community is this: What are the best AutoCAD Alternatives that are both free and up to the industry’s standards?


We also would like to see a good learning curve we do not intend to re invent the wheel.



Thanks .


CAD Sargent,


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Try DraftSight it uses the DWG format, and see if it if it meets your needs, it is FREE. If you like it you can purchase the professional version at a very reasonable cost. If DWG format is not overly important look at VersaCad, great product with an excellent translator to the DWG format built in. Big plus it is excellent value for money.

Bill Green

Green Bee Designs

Answered on October 19, 2017.
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Answered on November 13, 2017.
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I recommend DraftSight because it is free, and even its paid version is much cheaper than AutoCAD. Still, it has all the features you expect from a CAD.

Another advantage is that you can install tools (plugins).

Answered on May 7, 2018.
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